24 Hour Film Festival!

This past weekend I had the distinct pleasure of participating in the 24 Hour Film Festival, through my school, the Meisner Technique Studio, in San Francisco.  

Myself, Sandy, Krystle, Billy, and Amber were given the task of completing a film within 24 hours.  Our film had to include: The opening line being, "Isn't that illegal?" Required Lines In the Film: 1) "Take the damn picture already." 2) "You seriously need to calm down." 3) "Stop laughing, that's not funny." 4) "Whoa, you have the worst breath ever." Required Props: 1) A bus 2) A live bird 3) An outrageous Halloween Costume 4) A cast member in a hotel hot tub or swimming pool 5) A Christmas tree. Required Characters: 1) High Five guy 2) Someone who breaks into a well-known song at least 5 times- based on what someone else just said. All shot, chopped, and delivered to the festival within 24 hours.

This weekend, I got off my butt, and made a movie.  Check out the madness we created: