I'm primarily a self taught dancer. I began my love affair with dance and choreography at an early age, as some of my earliest memories are of watching MTV, with my Mom, and my brother thinking, "I wanna do that!" So I studied, and learned, the choreography from the music videos of some of the greatest: from Michael Jackson, to Janet Jackson, to the then emerging Britney Spears- they became my teachers. I developed the ability to transpose choreography from music videos, and bring it to life to teach, perform, and wow audiences. After taking this skill with me to teach for Bay Area Flash Mob for 3 years, I then became the founder and C.E.O. of Icon Dance Collective where you can unleash your inner pop star www.icondancecollective.com

Dance/Choreographer Credits: Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, New Conservatory Theatre Center, Bay Area Flash Mob, Club Oasis, Baloney: All Male Review (BritneyMichael JacksonBoy BandGirl Groups, Justin Timberlake, and LAMFO), Trannyshack, Mother, Several Pop Acts/Music Videos, Cloud Expo (Data Direct Cloud)Israeli Consulate, and many others. 

Training/Specialty: Hip-Hop, Jazz, Ballet, Pop Music Video, Broadway.   

Currently Teaching: TBA

I hope to continue to choreograph, and dance, as long as my legs will let me.  Dance has the ability to bring such joy from those who are apart of it whether dancing or watching.  I dream of one day sharing a stage with Janet Jackson- hey- gotta dream big!