Shakespeare Conspiracy

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I star in this play by Ted Bacino and Rufus Cadigan. Murder, mayhem, and manhunts in the underbelly of gay London theater as the Black Plague scourges the country throughout this telling of the conspiracy surrounding the true authorship of the works of the Bard. The Shakespeare Conspiracy is based on the real people of Christopher Marlowe’s life and supposed murder.

The New York Premiere of The Shakespeare Conspiracy runs Wednesdays-Saturdays at 7:30PM, and Sundays at 2PM April 20-May 5 and headlines The Christopher Marlowe Festival at Theatre Row . 


Stand Up Comedy Debut

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Well it finally happened. I made my standup comedy debut at the legendary 'Caroline's on Broadway'. It was one of those things that I was terrified to do, and that's how I knew I HAD to do this. I've never felt more at home than on that stage, making people laugh (and think), from my view point of life. So grateful to the six week class I took with Linda Smith at Caroline's School of Comedy. Only the beginning! 



I Co-Hosted the Black Panther Red Carpet!`

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I don't even know if you could say this was a dream come true, because never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would've gotten to do something as cool as this! Getting to Co-Host Marvel Studios' Live Stream Black Panther event was a mind blowing experience. Words can not express my extreme gratitude for having the opportunity to be apart of this historic event and getting to talk to icons and lengends, actors, artists I look up to like: the Queen Angela Bassett, Forest Whittaker, Lupita Nyongo'o, Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan and surprises like Donald Glover, Miles Brown, Tessa Thompson, and J. August Richards. To be midsts such Black excellence was such an inspirational night. As my director said, "life has a funny way of preparing you for moments like this. 

Check out the Live Stream and catch me NOT freak out amongst such Black royalty: 

Minority Korner's Guide to A Gay Bar

Gay bars are dope and everybody knows it, and we mean EVERYONE! Yup Straight guys are coming out too! So based on my Minority Korner segment, I've got 5 tips for straight guys (and their friends) going to gay bars! Check my first (hopefully) viral video! 

Listen to Minority Korner wherever you get your podcast! 

The Reviews Are In for Sienna's Mantram!

Sienna's Mantram has opened, and here's a review by! You can still check it out! 

Five guests check in for a peaceful and reflective getaway from the stresses of their every day lives. But when the b&b's bizarre brochure gives a shout-out to a Nepalese guest killed under mysterious circumstances, a sinister conspiracy lurking underneath the surface takes shape. As suspicions mount and questions arise, the b&b begins to show its teeth. Can the guests keep their chakras centered, or will they be swallowed whole? Welcome to Joyful Path, a meditational bed and breakfast located in the serene Mojave Desert...

"Sienna's Mantram, or (a change of pace at China Lake)" is a new one-act, dark comedy written by Zach Stephens and directed by Kelly Webb.

Featuring the talents of:
Amanda Barlow
Stefanie Flamm
James Martin
Zach Stephens
Elizabeth Taylor

Performance schedule:
Saturday, February 18th @ 8:20pm
Thursday, February 23rd @ 7:10pm
Saturday, February 25th @ 3:20pm
Wednesday, March 1st @ 5:30pm
Sunday, March 5th @ 12:10pm