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Let’s Activate Your Dreams

You have a gift, a dream, a light that the world needs to shine bright! I like to tailor each program to each Client's specific needs, desires, and strengths. Success leaves clues, and together we will figure out your formula for lasting success! I will coach you to break down walls, build courage, and stop making excuses! Together, we are going to launch you to the next level and beyond! Are you ready? Yes. You are!

Why Coaching?

Like the best athletes, and top entrepreneurs, they didn’t get there by themselves. Sometimes we get stuck, and need someone to help guide us, push us, and get us to the next level, or even figure out what the next step might be.

  • Together we can assess what’s working, what’s not, and develop and implement new strategies. Keep moving forward!  

  • Coaching gives you that thing you’ve been searching for: accountability.

  • By paying for a coach allows us both to put “skin in the game,” as they say and invest into your success, forcing us both to bring our A game to sessions, and the work in between to make sure you are advancing not only during our sessions, but between where the real work and growth happens.

  • Because you’re serious and ready to make a commitment to yourself and your dreams!





  • Become a healthier you mentally, physically, and spiritually

  • Develop your own success formula

  • Strengthen your confidence to get things done

  • Develop tools for accomplishing your dreams and projects

  • Get focused. Set goals. And achieve!

  • Bust through fears, and blocks

  • Increase your income

  • Tools for dealing with anxiety, depression, procrastination, and “not enoughness”

  • Learn to dance with fear, and not let it be a blocker

  • How to not let those negative voices control you

  • Strengthen your personal relationships

  • Become a fearless dater, open to love

  • Let your passion shine bright, lead you to success, and make an impact on the world!

  • Live up to your full potential!

  • Become your biggest cheerleader, and fall in love with YOU

  • Come up with strategies for accountability to keep your new you radiating forward!

Success Stories…

Past Clients have found success in:

  • Rediscovering their dreams, braving it, and going for it with a strategy and action plan.

  • Launching their music career

  • Being healthy, developing consistent practices around meditation, fitness, and healthy eating.

  • Creating their own organizations

  • Following their dreams as an entrepreneur

  • Implementing successful programs at work

  • Increasing their income

  • Having confidence in the workplace

  • Accomplishing things that have sat on the “to do list” for years

  • Dating

  • Strengthening romantic relationships

  • Sustaining courage to do things that once scared them


  • Free complimentary intake session

  • Each session will have a theme, connected to a course road map on your personal development

  • Homework: assignments/challenges that will range from visualizations, vision boards, readings, writing exercises, reflections, meditations, and more to begin building your foundation for success, as we unpack blocks, and build bridges towards your dreams.

  • Sessions will last an hour over Google Hangout, the phone, or if we’re in the same city in person. Please give your undivided attention to these sessions, and take notes. Whatever you put in, is what you’ll get out.

  • You get unlimited access to your coach, available to answer questions via email or text

  • You’ll also get access to weekly inspirational emails

  • Access to the weekly mastermind group while enrolled in a sessions package.


6 One on One Coaching Sessions

Each block of 6 sessions begins with a free intake session. Over the course of 6 weeks in addition to setting goals, and accomplishing tasks, you will be taken on a journey of self discovery, and empowerment to lock in your new developments.

  • Once a week ( 6 weeks)

    • Good for short term goals that need to see results fast!

        • One every other week (3 months)

          • Great for holding accountability for a longer period of time while giving time in between each session to complete assignments, grow into teachings, and accomplish tasks on your own.

        • Once a month (6 months)

          • Great for someone looking for accountability over a longer course of time, and needs a monthly check in to see progress, complete larger assignments, tasks and projects.

Full Year One on One Coaching Sessions

Sessions begins with a free intake session. In addition to setting goals, and accomplishing tasks, you will be taken on a journey of self discovery, and empowerment to lock in your new developments.

  • Once A Month

    • Looking for accountability over the course of the year to have a transformative year. Over the course of each month you’ll have time to complete assignments, and will develop practices to keep yourself accountable in between each session.

  • Twice A Month $725

    • Wanting a truly transformative year, and bi weekly accountability. By the end of this program will have clearly mapped out a clear vision for the future, and made progress on goals throughout the year. Will have a clear success formula for achieving the remainder of your vision.

Shine Bright! Be the Light!

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